Video Marketing for Business: Top 10 Use Cases for 2022

Looking for a way to level up your comms in 2022?

Check out these 10 creative and reliable use cases for animated business video you should consider to boost your marketing efforts. 

Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos are the bread and butter of video marketing for business. They’re snappy, to-the-point videos that inform us about a potentially complex product or service in a crystal clear way. 

These are memorable and impactful videos that aim to make a connection with their viewer. This can be emotionally, relating to a struggle or frustration which you’re here to remedy, or through endearing, relatable characters.

Ultimately, you’re laying out how your product or service can come in and make life better in an attempt to inspire beneficial action in the viewer.

According to Forbes, explainer videos are preferred to text-based tutorials or documentation by over 75% of customers.

Just take a look at how we brought the potentially dry topic of business finance to life with a short animated explainer: 

Explainers are so popular and effective because they work really well wherever you put them on your site. They’re the best first impression ever on your homepage, they support the information on your product pages, and they can even make your ‘about us’ page interesting!

To find out more about this form of video marketing, read our ultimate guide to video explainers here.

Training Video

We all know that teachers are some of the hardest workers going, but even in a business context it can be tough to keep people engaged in the classroom AND make sure the information sticks. That’s where animation comes in.

Animation is being used for training in classrooms, alongside museum exhibits, for scientific research visualisation, in corporate training and more.

In the same way that explainers are trying to break down complex products or services, animated training videos are laying out their teachings in a clear and memorable way.

Just check this out! How fun it would be to actually train your own employees using such engaging and memorable piece of content?

Animated video encourages information retention and recall, so it’s the perfect training tool. Try using shorter, targeted videos sprinkled throughout your learning programme to re-engage a lapse in concentration.

Unlike traditional live-action video, you can even easily localise animation to fit different markets. That means you can create content for global audiences without having to do a dodgy overdub of the actors for each different language!

Learn more about using animated training videos.

Product & Service Demo Videos

If an explainer goes over what your product can do and the difference it makes, these types of videos are geared towards showing exactly HOW it happens. Seeing this practical aspect of a product or service really lets your viewers understand why you’re the perfect fit for them.

Animation lets you emphasise your product’s key features and offer a look into how they work in practice, giving you the chance to really show off what it can do!

Just take a look at this simple yet powerful early demo from a business communication platform, Slack: 

For some tech startups and financial services providers animation is the ONLY answer for a demonstration of their service. You might be dealing with concepts, markets and digital processes where you need motion graphics to really communicate what you’re capable of.

Some technical products benefit greatly from an animated demonstration of what’s under the hood. A stop motion teardown or assembly video is a creative way to explore how your product works, and why it’s the best solution for your prospective customers.

Take a look at our product and service demo videos here.

App Demo Videos

Rather than lengthy and (let’s face it) boring screen capture video, why not use animation to bring your app to life?

Look at how we harnessed the power of motion graphics to demonstrate how Babylon Health’s app can transform the lives of its users. 

We used captivating visuals, audio and motion graphics to really deliver on the app’s unique selling points and features.

You can find more app demonstration videos here.

Social Media Videos

With so much content out there clamouring for our attention on social media, it’s more challenging than ever for brands to stand out. So how do you break through the noise?

Well, for marketers wanting a ‘thumbstopper’ of a post, look no further than a short, shareable dose of animated video.

The trend towards ‘stories’ or ‘moments’ which are only a few seconds long means you have to make a big impact immediately if you’re going to be a success. Luckily, animation is great for ‘social cutdowns’ – snippets of longer videos which appeal to the shorter attention span of most users in this channel. 

While there are many factors that determine content virality (here’s a helpful breakdown of the psychology behind viral content), animation is unique enough to deserve a look on anyone’s feed, so there’s huge potential for impressions and engagement if done well! 

Find out more about animation for social media.

Event Videos

We’ve all been there – the exhibition area at a conference. Rather than swooping in with some half-hearted small talk leading to your pitch, why not try breaking the ice with an animated video at your booth?

Animation is the perfect tool in a room full of stuffy exhibitors to engage and intrigue your visitors. It will grab the attention of delegates, break the ice and make a reliable conversation starter.

Sticking an animation in your session as a speaker is also a great way to revitalise a crowd that have been sat watching slideshows all day too!

Make a splash at your next conference with an animated event video.

Onboarding Videos

The experience your customers and new employees have to go through during the onboarding process can make or break your company. 

What you need is a high-quality, consistent, on-demand set of videos to get new recruits or customers up to speed quickly.

For global brands this is a dream, especially when face-to-face introductory sessions aren’t possible. With animated onboarding videos you can communicate your key messages remotely, and with confidence that they will be engaging and memorable.

Find out whether you can transform your onboarding process with animated video.

Animated Video Adverts

Animation has been a recognisable and effective way to tell stories for decades. That means when it’s used for brand storytelling, it’s got a real head start.

When it comes to TV, seeing animation primes the viewer for engagement since there’s an association with entertainment. 

You’ll stand out and have a better chance to resonate with your viewers thanks to a little animation magic!

Find out whether you can get animated with your brand storytelling.

‘About Us’ Videos

Speaking of storytelling, every business has been on a journey. For most of them, a dry and text-heavy ‘about us’ page is where this story sits collecting dust.

This is a great shame because using animation to bring this story to life is a fantastic way to show off your values, passion and drive.

As an example, we absolutely love this animated Dropbox’s recruiting video highlighting their positive culture and favourite perks:

Perhaps you’ve got a vision to be sustainable? A charity commitment? An incredible working culture that you’re proud of? These could easily just be a press release, but animation can enable these aspects of your business to inspire your customers and colleagues in an unforgettable way.

Get in touch if you want to explore the hidden potential of your brand’s journey!

And last but not least…

Celebration Videos

It’s not easy to get something fun into business comms. Unless done well, you always run the risk of looking cheesy or insincere.

However, using animation to send a festive message or celebrate a customer’s birthday with a personal touch shows that you’re making a real effort to do it in a fun and different fashion.

We helped Hartpury University wish its students and staff a Merry Christmas with this cute video starring Santa and Rudolph.

It might not seem like much, but these celebration videos can be enough to turn a customer into a loyal brand evangelist.

We still have some capacity to produce a branded, corporate Christmas card for your customers, so secure your spot now!