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We are the UK-based animation production company producing irresistible animated videos.

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We bring artistry & craft to business storytelling. 

Nibble Video is a UK-based animation, design and production studio specialising in the production of explainer videos, animated commercials, social media animations, training videos and much more. Our mission is to reliably deliver the most effective creative solution; affordable, accessible and maximising the artistic quality of the project.

Acting as a creative extension to your Marketing & Communications department, at Nibble we work with world-class talents crafting animations that move people. Our team consists of skilled animators, seasoned scriptwriters, Creative Directors and advertising experts, which is a perfect combination if you are looking for an animation partner you can trust. 

We work with ambitious brands that want to transform their digital communications with original, memorable content. We’re not about cutting corners to make your project fit a template; instead, we look honestly at how best we can deliver animation that is not only beautiful but also ticks all your commercial objectives. We pride ourselves on a transparent, collaborative approach, allowing our clients to have a real input in the creative process.

Why Nibble?

World-Class Animation Talents

Under one roof, we bring global talents, including illustrators, animators, copywriters, sound experts, creative directors and more, to ensure top quality work.

Handcrafted Design

We pride ourselves on delivering entirely bespoke content tailored to your communications needs. We steer away from ready animation templates; instead, we handcraft a versatile animation style that's unique to your business.

Seamless Project Management

We understand that you are busy, and we do everything we can to make the animation production process as smooth as possible. Upon signing up with us, you'll receive access to a full suite of tools to make our collaboration more efficient.

Bespoke Pricing

We hate forcing you to go above your budget when it comes to animated video production. To avoid this, we offer a transparent pricing system that is entirely tailored to your budget.

Transparent Collaboration

Working with an agency can be frustrating – especially if they don't involve you in day-to-day activities. At Nibble, we facilitate a transparent and collaborative environment, meaning that you'll be involved in every stage of the production process.

Experts in Storytelling

Our main mission is to help our clients tell better stories. By partnering with us, be sure to receive practical tips and creative inspiration to make your business communications more engaging and effective.

What's The Production Process Looks Like?

Creative Kick-Off Session

The kick-off is a chance to gather all the creative brains within the project team together before production begins. We believe in having as much face-to-face time as possible, whether that’s at our studio, your office, or even via videoconference. As well as creative discussions around how the story or style treatment will best engage with the audience, we’ll also discuss practical topics like what the key deliverables will be, what the main call to action is and what project success will look like.

Go To Script


Once we fully understand your message, we’ll start to draft a script. This might mean starting from scratch, or honing and developing a script you already have. The voiceover script is accompanied by a written shot-by-shot description of what the viewer will see on screen and this helps to provide a mental picture of the action before we start producing the storyboards. This ‘shooting script’ might also include reference images or animated gifs which help to explain the action.

Go To Storyboard


The storyboards are a grid of deliberately rough sketched individual artwork panels (or images). They show all of the shots in your video, and the order in which they’ll appear. Each panel is accompanied by the voiceover that will feature during that shot, as well as notes which explain the action. In some cases, we might also produce an animatic. An animatic is a video version of the storyboards and might include an animation test, a dummy voiceover as well as sample sound design and music.

Go To Artwork


Once the storyboards have been approved, we’ll create all of the artwork layouts. We’ll typically start with a proof of concept art which we call a ‘style frame’ and/or character designs. This ensures you can be involved in developing the final design style. The style frame will give you a perfect sense of what the final film will look like alongside the storyboards. Once the artwork is approved, we’ll get to work producing all the layouts. These are essentially polished versions of the storyboards in the final design style.

Go to Animation


Once you’re happy with the artwork layouts, we get to the most exciting part of the process. For 2D vector ‘cutout’ animation, our artist will rig the characters’ bodies, giving them an adjustable bone structure which allows them to pose the character like a puppet. Alternatively, the artist may animate tradigitally – imagine old-school Disney frame-by-frame animation, but in a computer. Cutout animation is a more cost-effective approach whilst traditional animation offers greater fluidity of animation.

Go to Sound Design

Sound Design

Although we have access to some award-winning composers, in the majority of cases we’ll source and present customised stock music track options. We aren’t restricted to using royalty-free music and our fixed fee music costs are inclusive of all necessary usage licences. The Producer will provide a series of music alternatives which are based on your preferences and, once you’re happy, we’ll combine this with the voiceover to form a soundtrack that sounds as amazing as your video looks.

Go to Voiceover

Studio VO Recording

All of our voiceover is studio recorded by professional voice artists and actors and the fixed price quoted is inclusive of the studio, Producer, and Sound Engineer costs, as well as the artists’ record and usage fee. You can even conference into the recording session to help direct the voice artist. Once recorded, the Sound Engineer will clean up the voiceover and a Sound Designer from Nibble will edit the audio. This voiceover is combined with the music to form the soundtrack that the animation is timed to.

Go to Screen Recording

Screen Recording

In order to showcase the features and functionality in your software or app demo, we’ll need to produce a high-resolution screen recording. Specialist software allows us full control over the speed and fluidity of mouse movements as well as clicks and transitions. It also offers us the ability to pan across and zoom in and out of the screen or application sections that require focus. Finally, our motion designers will apply necessary titles, annotations or callouts to ensure your recording is as slick and professional as possible.

Go to Interactivity


Once the video is complete, we use specialist software to implement the interactive video features. As well as standard in-video hyperlinking, other popular interactive features include hotspots (automatically tracking an object allowing viewers to interact with it at any point) and branching (where the viewer is given various options which allow them to interact with and guide their own tailored narrative). We also give you access to in-depth video analytics which will allow you to measure video performance.

Go to Delivery


Once approved, it’s time to deliver your video. The final files are sent digitally and encrypted with password protection for security. Your video can be supplied in any standard or high definition format and in any standard file format you need (i.e. .WMV/.AVI, MPEG, H264 or .MOV). If it’s helpful, Nibble’s video experts are also on hand to support you in promoting your video – devising video marketing strategies that will ensure your video is seen by as many of the right types of viewer as possible.

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