The Best Product Video Examples from All Industries [2022 Update]

Product videos are being used by marketers and product specialists all over the web.

They’re a great time saving conversion tool which helps to add information about your product to an audience whose interest you’ve piqued already.

They’re not just great for physical products, but SaaS, and service-based products as well.

If you’re facing the challenge of creating an effective product video for your brand, check out our guide to creating high-converting product videos. 

And if you’re just seeking inspiration – here’s a rundown of some effective examples. 

Healthcare Product Video Examples


Ieso Health from Nibble on Vimeo.

Bright, colourful 2D animation puts the gentle narration into detailed context here.

There’s some useful stylised versions of the product’s performance via screen capture as well, which gives viewers a firmer idea of what Ieso Digital Health, does and how it does it.

Babylon Health

Watch the Babylon Health explainer video here

An effective blend of 2D animated elements and app screen capture drive home the usefulness of the app, and the positive effect it has on patients and healthcare professionals.


This one from SnatchBot is simplicity itself – proof that you don’t need a big budget and an all-singing, all-dancing product video.

Sometimes a shot of live action, overlaid with the speech bubbles of your tool can be enough to give your audience a valuable taste of your service in action.


Tech & SaaS Product Video Examples

Bird Buddy

Created by Nibble’s sister company, Fudge Animation Studios, this product video for smart bird feeders Bird Buddy really brings the product to life.

It’s got awesome, characterful 3D animation, with energetic transitions and motion graphics which are both charming and engaging.


The soothing tones of podcast host Roman Mars delivering product description accompanied by sleek motion graphics are very successful in communicating non-visual concepts in the video format.

That’s without ANY screen capture or live footage of the platform in action, too.


This is a screen capture product demonstration video masterclass from SurveyMonkey

With 3D animated elements alongside a sprinkling of helpful written callouts, this video gives a pacy, inspiring view of the service, without needing voiceover at all.

HR Product Video Examples

Talent Deck

Talent Deck from Nibble on Vimeo.

Part explainer video, part product video, this video from Talent Deck takes a complex (and dry!) process involving analysis and data processing, and actually makes it interesting.

Sure, a little hand holding is needed to really lay out the challenge, solution and outcomes, but with charming motion graphics and 2D character animation, it does the job wonderfully.


With a generous helping of screen capture to show off loads of use cases, this one feels almost like a full-blown demonstration!

By using so much real footage of their tool, blended with clever transitions, motion graphics and 2D characters, Freshteam are able to give their prospects an incredible insight into how they work.


Sage takes the opportunity to smash through so many of their super useful features in this product video.

The extra layer of detail they’re able to communicate through a series of ‘how to’ sections almost gives the viewer an immersive pitching experience. The effect is that users get a lightbulb moment as they see these features in motion. Something like: “oh yeah! That’d be so useful for me!”

Finance Product Video Examples


This is as quick a product ad as you’re ever likely to see.

In lightning fast time it gets stuck into what the financial app Plum does and why it’s great. All it takes is some lovely 3D graphics, some screen capture and a tight script.


Another speedy one; this video for Revolut provides a mini case study which aims to resonate with their prospects quickly. It’s another slick combo of motion graphics and floating screen capture callouts which tells the story so well here.

Apple Pay

Animated icons and screen capture illustrate each feature impeccably before playfully transitioning seamlessly into the next.

It’s super easy watching, and the smoothness of the animation mirrors the convenience of the service itself. Would you expect any less polish from Apple?


Manufacturing Product Video Examples


What better way to show off the power and precision of your product than to put it in the easily understandable context of Jenga?

The relatable activity carries its own set of themes, namely the precision, strength and fine motor performance required to complete a physically demanding goal, which expertly hammers home their value.

CHG Meridien

CHG Meridien from Nibble on Vimeo.

This series of 2D animated scenes really reinforces who CHG are and what they do, before presenting a tantalising glimpse at their platform alongside a well-timed CTA to learn more.


Katana – Smart Workshop Software from Katana – Smart Workshop Software on Vimeo.

Another great example of a product video, this time using a cute, isometric 2D animated style paired with simple screen capture segments to show off their usefulness.

Ecommerce & Retail Product Videos Examples


Nikon uses high-quality 3D renders of the physical product itself. This choice lets them provide more detail than you could achieve even in real life thanks to x-ray cutaways, zoom ins, teardowns and module demonstration. All the while, there are jaw dropping examples of the visual output of their camera alongside impressive feature callouts. It’s enough to make professionals, casual selfie-takers and everyone in between want to level up their photography game.


dbramante1928 Product Animation Video by Nibble from Nibble on Vimeo.

A blend of live action, 3D modelled and motion graphic elements come together to show off a physical product in an exciting, visually arresting way that’s still grounded in reality. This style of product video gives you full control over a polished, idealised version of your product through photorealistic 3D modelling.

Volvo Trucks

Simply iconic – we should have all seen this one by now, but may not have really considered it to be a product video. It’s using the same technique as the Cat Jenga video: contextualising precision with a recognisable activity. In this case, Volvo Dynamic Steering is the enabler for an incredible and unconventional physical demonstration of its effectiveness.

Mobile App Product Demo Video Examples

Crew Nosh

Crew Nosh from Nibble on Vimeo.

A stylish combination of animated screen capture and 2D animation that brings to life the Crew Nosh meal ordering app. Sure, it’s a very specific use case, but that’s where a specialised solution is most required.

FujiFilm POP Book

FujiFilm POP Book from Fudge Animation on Vimeo.

This product video straddles the line between 3D and live action with its 3D renders for the phone and photobook. It’s a clever way to demonstrate the core offering of the FujiFilm POP Book, that being the ability to turn the digital into the physical.



Simple and clear communication of why the product exists, what the product does, some features and benefits, and what impact it has on the lives of its users. A product video by numbers.


Services Presentation Video Examples


The gorgeous 2D animation in this short and sweet product video communicates Upwork’s purpose and value in a snappy, tongue in cheek way. 

Spiral Hosting

Spiral Hosting from Nibble on Vimeo.

Even for a product video, humour is important. It’s especially important in this video where the over-the-top British theme is used as a catalyst for showcasing a set of USPs and features which depend on their location British location. And this applies to this great product video we crafted for the global web hosting provider, Spiral Hosting


Sometimes your product video is essentially marketing people and interactions. A tough thing to do well, but Lyft’s textured cutout style paired with simple, emotive scripting makes this video memorable and inspiring. 

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